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The purpose of the College & Career ministries at New Fellowship is:
Building disciples (Matthew 28:19-20) and serving wherever we can.

To become a disciple we need to love God and Know His word. We try to accomplish this by having a time of shared study of God's word every Sunday during our grouwth group classes. We embrace what Dwight L. Moody said in that "The Bible was not given to increase our knowlege, but to change our lives."

We ecnourage participation in our mid week Bible study and service in our other church ministries.
We love serving others and see that as a intregal part of God's calling . Many of our college-career people serve on the worship team, work with the youth, teach in in small group settings, in Childrens church, and go on short term missions trips.

And yes; we have good times together as well, whether it be during our fellowship breakfast on Sunday mornings or any of our social times, where laughter and sharing life together are fully embraced. We are here to better love God and others.

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