Praise Team


Sundays:9:30AM Grow groups,10:30A fellowship breakfast,11:00aM morning worship,5:00PM Youth Grow GroupWednesdays:6:30PM Grow groupsoff campus grow groups through the week

Our Praise Team is here the to serve the Lord through Fellowship Music and Melody during our services and events.

NFM is all about bringing people together and most importantly our children. By coming together not just during services and our Children's Church we also have VBS open to any and all. As you can see good times and fellowship are had while teaching kids about our Savior in a safe and fun manner. 

Our Praise Team meets weekly for practice for Sunday service playing music and singing song to uplift all who come to feel the Spirit flow and come closer to God. 


Praise Team always looking for more people to join in the band and singing team, so come one and a praise the Lord and show your gift to all. 

Our Praise Team Leaders also take their team of volunteers out to have fun and fellowship, because we're not only a Church but a Family.

The Praise Team would love for you to come by and join in all our fun and fellowship.

We are looking forward to our 2023 VBS coming this summer and hope you can join.

Every Wednesday we have growth groups (See calendar for info) and every Sunday Service.

If you have any questions please do hesitate to contact us!!!